Norse Projects Ryan Ripstop Bomber

Sorry for the lack of posts, haven't really seen anything lately to get excited about. It seems designers are following trends, and a lot of similar offerings are being seen. Rule of thumb though: you know a trend is about to be over when you see it offered at the Gap. Which is the case with bomber jackets, everybody seems to be offering one in their collection. But the good thing about a bomber jacket is that I consider it a classic piece. It's been around forever, has military roots, and will also look good on you, as long as the design is simple and the fit is right.

It's not often that I like more than a few pieces from any one design company.  But Norse Projects has been killing it lately, their whole repertoire is solid. Take this Ryan ripstop bomber which is now on sale at Need Supply. Military green plus the minimalistic design makes this piece worth adding to your closet.

Pick it up today at Need Supply (Orig U$350, Sale U$259), the title link will take you there.

Pictures are from the Need Supply site.