The Get - Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Suede

When it comes time to chill, there's nothing better than putting on your favorite pair of ratty Chucks, a favorite sweatshirt and just be. Hey man, I get it, I have several pairs of cotton All Stars in varying degrees of wear and tear, it's my go-to shoe. But what if you could wear Chucks to that restaurant your girl wants to go to on Friday night? This is the same girl that always tells you not to wear those ratty Chucks to nice places, she says save them for NFL Sunday. Ok, now what if I told you that you can now tell your girl, "Hey girl, don't sweat it, I got these new Chucks, and guess what, they didn't run me Common Projects dough, but ratty Chucks dough + 30 bucks." She probably wouldn't believe you, but take a look below, and make her a believer. U$85 at (click title link), enjoy fellas, and you're welcome.