The Get - Steven Alan Bertrand Topcoat

Topcoats are probably the easiest coat to own. With their longer length and often muted colors/patterns, they can be matched with anything. You can wear them over a suit or with jeans and sneaks, topcoats work for all occasions. A few buying tips: if you plan on wearing it as an everyday coat, make sure it is fitted, a little looser for wearing over a suit jacket. Stick with darker colors like navy, black, grey, and with simple patterns like herringbone otherwise the coat becomes gaudy. I prefer shorter ones (hit at mid-thigh) over knee length ones because I think they lend a younger look. Finally, in the sea of over- and top- coats, if you find one with a little extra flair, pick it up immediately. Case in point, this gem from Steven Alan. My favorite feature? The slit pockets that reside over the flap pockets, lending a little US Navy peacoat-ery (that's not a real word) to the overall feel of the coat. Not cheap ($585) by any means, but sometimes quality costs and you're worth it. Enjoy.