The Get - Saturdays Daniel Jacket & A Word About Outerwear

I revere outerwear. I have accumulated over the last 15 years at least 20-25 jackets that I use all year round. I think it is very important to have the proper outerwear to fit the proper occasion. For example, when it dips in the negatives during the dead of winter, I turn to my trusty Alpha Industries N-3B snorkel, I could sleep out in the cold in that jacket. I actually got my Alpha back before they had a renaissance of sorts, so my jacket didn't cost me the U$ 178 it now costs to cop one of these snorkels ( But for those of you who have a little extra in their pockets, a mid-level luxe version of the snorkel is now being offered by the NYC surf Mecca, Saturdays NYC. They call it the Daniel jacket, it comes in black and what they refer to pineneedle (green), and it is a slick rig, I must admit. But it will run you more than twice than what Alpha Industries wants - U$ 375. Click the title link to take a look, I would definitely add this piece to my already bulging closet, maybe you should too. Enjoy.