The Get - Apolis Waxed Cotton French Work Jacket

It's spring, and it's time to get kitted out. I've seen a lot of options designers have put forth: baseball jackets, bombers, denim jackets, lightweight M-65s, etc. All of these work well, in fact I house several of these offerings in my arsenal of spring outerwear. However, it is my opinion that the best looking out of the herd is the French work jacket. I've combed various sources for different styles, and nothing has grabbed my attention. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of beautiful offerings (from Carhartt WIP to Engineered Garments), but I needed style and economy to dovetail into a perfect synchronous unit. I think I found that with the Apolis offering below. Let's consider the details, it's waxed cotton, it's has a nice dark blue hue, it's got cool hardware and it's not too expensive (U$ 248). This is a versatile jacket that will look good now or 20 years from now - it's the perfect utilitarian shell for whatever you're repping underneath - from hypebeast to yuppie, it can accommodate all. Enjoy.