The Get - Waxed Canvas Marries Tweed - Filson x Harris Tweed

As a big fan of waxed canvas (as evidenced by my Belstaff jacket, Lands End Canvas bag, and a couple of Barbour jackets sitting in the closet), I have to give much respect to a company called Filson. Filson makes all sorts of outerwear, clothing, and accessories basically produced to take a beating and last a lifetime. They use a lot of waxed cloth/canvas. Case in point, their briefcases are painstakingly and lovingly crafted, and designed to brave the elements as well as take a beating. The only drawback for me is the cost, U$ 225 for the smaller size, close to $300 if you need to carry more than a pen, laptop and newspaper. But, in my opinion, you gotta pay for quality - especially for items that aren't mass produced. These bags will likely outlast you. I obviously sweat this bag pretty hard. Recently, to my great delight, I saw that Filson was offering a special briefcase, a limited edition, waxed canvas with Harris Tweed - a combination that sits well with me as I am a big fan of both materials. Also, Harris Tweed is kinda having a moment right now. Enjoy. (Click on the title above to get to the Filson site).