The Get - Generic Surplus Longwing Leather and Tweed

If you haven't realized, the wingtip shoe trend has been dominating the scene for a good two years now.
Alden for J.Crew, Grenson, O'Keeffe, Thom Browne, and Florsheim are just a few of the many companies that offer several versions of the wingtip shoe.  Once considered appropriate only for formal dress and occasions, now it seems that everybody is wearing a pair, and not just with a suit.  These ain't your grandpa's shoes. I've seen cats rock these shoes with a beat-up pair of jeans and a tee, meaning they've reached the level of streetstyle where even a street-minded company like Urban Outfitters offers a pair (from Florsheim - see pic below).

I have a pair of Florsheims myself, although my favorite pair are the waxed Aldens sold at J.Crew (but at U$ 515, those would have to be an extreme indulgence for me).

Going one step further, studying the latest mens fashion offerings for next season, I've noticed a growing trend in companies offering two-toned wingtips, and also the re-emergence of the saddle shoe (the king of two-toned shoes).  These two-toned offerings to me, seem even dandier, but as mens fashion goes, you gotta get dandier to stay ahead of the mainstream.  

On Need Supply's site, I saw these nicely-priced versions of the two-toned shoe (in this case, two-patterned) made of two materials I absolutely love, leather and tweed.  At only U$125, these seemed to me a must-buy for those of you who want to stay ahead of the curve.  Cop a pair at today (clicking the title above will take you right there).  Enjoy.