The Get - Brooklyn Cloth Bandana Print Pocket Tee

Okay, this one's a little out there - let me explain.

So it's like the Summer Olympics, and like it's being held in London, and like Adidas and Opening Ceremony decided to do a collaborative collection of apparel/footwear to commemorate the Games.

Naturally, my fashion sense started tingling when I read the news, and when I finally got to take a look-see at this collection, I thought - hmmm, bandana prints everywhere - see below as evidence.

My first thought was, "Bandana prints?!? Really?"

IMHO, Adidas is the most stylish and iconic sportswear brand in the world.
And Opening Ceremony is a retail Mecca of cutting edge, hip-as-shit style (almost too hip - like for hipsters only).  But then, all of a sudden, I really started to feel this look.  I think it's mostly because all I've seen lately in the fashion blogosphere, is the ubiquity of prints/patterns - all types, colors, shades - starting with camo, ending with polka dots.

So I says to myself, "Self, it's a done deal, let's get one of these awesome t-shirts!".  But I soon came to realize that these tees were going to cost $70-80 a pop, and likely would be sold out instantly (they are sold out).

This all went down about a month ago.
Recently I stumbled upon this Brooklyn Cloth Bandana tee sold at Urban Outfitters for U$28 - and I thought, "Huh, that's divine intervention!"  God is showing me a cheaper version of a print that I really thought was great (I always believe that God probably has killer style).  And cheaper is always better.
So, if you're feeling this print like I am, hop on over to UO and pick one up (or click on the title of this post). Enjoy.