J.Crew Utility Sportcoat - Ludlow Fit

It's been a while guys, sorry for the inactivity.  I would cite my laziness as the reason, but truthfully, I haven't been inspired to post on a product for a while.  Here's my first since 2011...

Some quick advice, if you're a dude with some dough (meaning you make some bank, but you're not using hundred dollar bills to light up your cigs), and you are in desperate need of a style/wardrobe makeover, you don't need to go anywhere else but the J.Crew Men's Shop.  Head to toe, they can provide every staple of your new wardrobe.  So enough shilling...time to look at what they got.

This is their utility sportcoat in a Ludlow fit (slimmer).  This piece's style has the perfect blend of casual and dressy.  Notice a few aspects: cotton, notch lapel, and patch pockets (every high-fashion dude has a packet pocket sportcoat it seems).  It won't kill your wallet at U$ 218 and it will punch up your spring/summer style instantly.  You can put it on over t-shirts, button-downs, polo shirts - match with slim jeans or colored khakis, tennis shoes or loafers, it's a panacea for your usual blah outfit.  Help yourself out, get one today.