Adidas Originals - Rod Laver Summer Shoes

I have never mentioned my favorite sneakers of all time in this forum.  Which is surprising to me, because for those of you who know me, sneakers are one of my favorite things to wear.  I have collected so many pairs, I won't need to buy new sneakers for years.

Without trepidation, I can make a superlative statement that my "favorite of all time" is the Adidas Originals Rod Laver in white/green. Not the all-leathers, not the vintage Rod Lavers you see at J.Crew, the original canvas mesh white/green ones. I picked up my first pair in high school, on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx at a VIM (remember those?).  There's been no turning back since, no interference from others (Chuck Taylor's are my go-to shoe), the Rod Laver's have stood the test of time in my heart.  I have a mint condition pair sitting in my closet, I am saving them for something - not sure what, maybe the apocalypse - although if there was a standard issue shoe in heaven, the canvas mesh green/whites would be an apt choice.

I can sing the praises of this shoe all day long, I truly am a fan (I even bought my wife a pair).
So when I saw these Summer versions on the Adidas site, I was taken aback a little.
"Sacrilege! J'accuse Adidas!" I spewed initially, but after staring at them on the screen for about 45 seconds, I started to really dig the colorway (black/white/blue) and other tonal grey/white offering.  Plus they are economically priced at the $65.  Then I started obsessing about which pair to get, and it gets ugly after that.

So please check em out at the site or at an Adidas Originals store, I really like the black/blue combo, trust me, these shoes are head turners / neck breakers.