Golden Bear Cunningham Jacket

Hope you all had a wonderful Xmas!

So, the varsity jacket trend is still upon us, therefore I present to you a gorgeous piece offered by Golden Bear, sold through Unionmade Goods.  I love this site by the way, the original store is located in San Francisco.

Retails for U$ 298, the red stripes and piping on the pocket is what really makes it pop.

Not everybody can pull off the varsity jacket, it usually looks good on your more athletic-looking guys (meaning muscular frame).  However, that being written, this is a nice option to wear when stepping out to the gym, grabbing the morning paper, last-minute grocery shopping, etc., and is definitely better than that ratty old zip up sweatshirt you got lying on your bedroom floor.

If this one does not float your fancy, check out Golden Bear's other offerings on the Unionmade site.
Namaste y'all!