Fall Essentials - A New Series

The next few posts will feature items I believe are must-have Fall essentials.
You don't have to get all of these things, anything similar in vein would suffice, but look for the underlying theme that I am trying to convey.  With this knowledge comes great responsibility - happy shopping!

First up: the Fall jacket

I will offer up two.  One more casual than the other.  But both dope as hell.

1. Keywords: sport jacket, blazer, patch pockets, Harris tweed, wool, grey, blue, single breasted, two-button.  Keep these words in mind when looking for this type of jacket.

I like this one in particular by Hentsch Man (nice touch - elbow patches).  You can pick one up at Mr. Porter (www.mrporter.com) for U$ 660.  Both Mr. Porter and Park and Bond (www.parkandbond.com) have tons of these types of jackets.  Both sites offer comprehensive fit and sizing information, and both offer returnable items.
2. Anything by Folk Clothing.  I really love this brand.  All I know about the label is that it was founded in London in 2001.  But the details/styling of their stuff exudes both country and urban, workmanlike and sublime - casual cool stuff - exactly what your wardrobe could use an infusion of.

Check out their rain mac - U$ 360 at Context Clothing.