Fall Essentials - Members Only X Fools Gold Leather Jacket

I love the black leather jacket.  Depending on the style of the jacket, it can convey anywhere from a "retro-James Dean cool" to a "don't f with me - I'm a biker" attitude.  But the best is slipping one on over your favorite beaten-up tee and hitting the town knowing you look kinda tough, kinda dope, ready to buy them $15 cocktails in the meatpacking district.

One caveat though - to choose the right one is a tricky thing - you gotta know what you like and what to buy.  Something that is too big for you (too long, too) or too thick, you may look like you work security backstage at a concert.  Something too tight or too "trendy" and images of Michael Jackson come to mind (which ain't bad if you're trying to look like Michael Jackson).

There are a plethora of high-end designers that offer some form of bomber, biker, or blouson in black leather this season.  Most of these jackets will run you a grand minimum, I've seen a lot of $1500 dollar jackets this season.  These are nice if you got the bills to swing it, but there is a strata of lower priced jackets that can be had if you know where to look (All-Saints, Diesel, G-Star, Armani Exchange are a few places I would start looking).

I saw this one on the Karmaloop site the other day, and it kinda made me want it.
But it is a little pricey ($775) but anybody can pull this look off...just the right amount of hardware, the quilted shoulders, elasticized waist, its both now and yesteryear at the same time.  The collabo with Fools Gold Records lends an institution like Members Only instant street cred - which means you get to enjoy that street cred as well.  Get one today.