The Gotta Have - APC Shoulder Panel Sweatshirt

So APC stands for "Atelier de Production et de Creation".  It's French. "Atelier" translates to "workshop", you can probably figure out what "Production" and "Creation" mean.

So this dude Jean Touitou founded this company, not like you care, but he is truly a master of minimalist design.  If you go for that sort of thing.  I certainly do, so I "sweat" this company hard (which translates to "I really like it").

Case in point, this light grey crewneck sweatshirt with really cool velvet shoulder patches in a darker tonal grey.  How cool does this sweatshirt look?  It's simple, understated, militaristic (looks like a commando sweater), and so chic at the same time.  You can buy it at but as of this morning, they ran out of some sizes.  Not to worry, both Mr. Porter and Context Clothing carry the item - all three places sell it for U$ 180.  Oh, I noticed that APC stuff runs slim so consult the fit guide/size charts first before purchasing.  Enjoy.