The Gotta Have - Adidas Shell Jacket

So...I have this obsession with outerwear.  It's a disease really, I have about 30 jackets/coats sitting in my closet.  Leather, raincoat, moto jacket, waxed cotton, gore-tex, puffer, overcoat, windbreaker - you name it, I probably got it.  So you would think I wouldn't need anything else?  Think again, new outerwear is the first thing I look for on a site or in a store.  I told you all it's a disease.

I ran across this one during my periodic scan of the Adidas Originals offerings (shoes/accessories/clothes) and it's a thing of beauty.  It's the Adidas Shell Jacket (U$ 350).  It's got loads of features: water resistance (PU coated), alpine style zipped pockets, contrasting white zippers, red napoleon pocket zip (on the navy version).  I can't decide which one I like better, they offer one in grey too...both are killer...enjoy.