The Gotta Have : Thom Browne Wingtip Brogue

There is always a treasured item a man possesses that they like to show off (consciously or not) - it could be a car, a nice watch, a new gadget, a hot new girlfriend (very rare), an intelligent mind (even rarer), etc.  Think for a moment what item that might be in your pile of personal belongings.

Personally, with much guilt, I like to flaunt my early 2000s-era Rolex, an older model Submariner, nicely worn in, incredibly comfortable on my wrist, beautifully designed, sturdily crafted, my favorite item to wear each day.  I still check myself out in the mirror rocking this watch, it was love at first sight (I first saw it in 1997 at the old Tourneau on the corner of  57th street.  Before that monstrosity of a store they call the Time Machine was built next to Niketown.)  I couldn't afford it in 1997 (was clocking minor figures) but 5 years later it was mine.

If you don't happen to have an item like that, please read on, an opportunity has presented itself.

If you could wear a shoe so brilliantly made, so extremely chic, so "fashion insider"-ish, it would be the Thom Browne brogue.  Worn by countless fashion biggies (see Nick Wooster), it's got a beautiful pebble grain texture, and these wonderful Thom Browne defining (red, white and blue) grosgrain tabs on the back of the shoe.  Handcrafted in England, really difficult to get, if you see a pair, be ready to shell out major duckets (online webstore oki-ni charges U$ 1045 a pair).  So worth it though...enjoy.


  1. Update...Gilt Groupe's new Park and Bond website (high end stuff) is offering a black pebble grain version for U$ 920 a pop...accessible at last!


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