The Get : Merrell Wilderness Canyon Boots

So I saw these black hiking boots from Merrell about 2 weeks ago and now about 4-5 online retailers are selling these on their sites so I had to post about it before you start seeing these everywhere.

Beautiful black boots, should be a staple in your shoe closet - rugged and chic (see blue lacing) at the same time.  You can get them at the online presences of Merrell, Urban Outfitters, Need Supply, etc...$ 200 a pair. 

Caveat: Don't confuse them with the Merrell Wilderness Boots ($ 300) which are designed more like mountain hikers, Merrell created the Wilderness Canyon Boots in a more urban (read: street ready) style.

Comes in 2 other colorways, but black is the way to go my friends...get a pair and you are guaranteed comfort and rugged durability (notice the lug sole) strictly because the company is Merrell (premier outdoor shoemakers).  The trick is to wear them everyday until they get that perfect beat up look, and you can rock 'em with any of your street ready casual outfits or add a little ruggedness to your khaki/polo shirt look, whatever floats your sartorial boats.