The Get : Maiden Noir Officer Field Broad Cloth Jacket

Couple of things:
1) Both Mr. Porter ( and Barneys New York ( are having huge sales right head is swimming with the thoughts of all the goodies I could buy...all designer brands, significant discounts, 100% great style offerings - if I had about $10,000 handy...

2) Maiden Noir - I love this brand, their military inflected style combined with simple construction really speaks to me.  I would probably wear 90% of their pieces - which is saying a lot.

I saw this jacket show up today, navy field jacket, cotton, lightweight - I've been looking for this type of jacket for over a year now - this has been my holy grail.
Japanese rip stop cotton, front button pockets, really nifty side pockets, button enclosure, this jacket will complement anything you have in your wardrobe.  It's not incredibly expensive either ($ 250).

If you have to get one jacket for next season (fall would be a perfect time to wear this), don't go any further than this one.