The Gotta Have - Sperry x Band of Outsiders 3 Eye Boat Shoe

There's finally a sense of spring in the air as temperatures rise this week in the NY/NJ area...which means one thing...beautiful girls get to wear their spring dresses, and fashionable guys get to wear....

Hmm...what can a fashionable guy wear when the weather gets warm?  Or are we limited to t-shirts (basic and graphic), a pair of baggy cargo shorts (bleh) and flip flops (only on the beach my friends)?

We will address ways on how to improve your warm weather style in a future post, but today I wanted to discuss footwear, namely Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes.

I happen own a pair of the dark brown leather ones - the same ones which will probably become ubiquitous this year as these shoes have shown some major proliferation in urban settings.  But you have to ask, why does a city dweller (or anyone not acclimated to working on docks), need to wear a pair of boat shoes?

Good question, the answer is STYLE.  Boat shoes are stylish, they instantly upgrade your outfit.  Pair them with slim jeans or slim khakis (tan or colored); they even work well sockless and with shorts (not cargo shorts but fitted, shorter inseam ones please).

Which leads me to these offerings created through a collaboration with Band of Outsiders (for those who don't know: a fashion label helmed by ultracool designer Scott Sternberg).  Mr. Sternberg has given us an interesting mix of colors and material (shoes have nylon components as well as leather) and supremely stylish and apropos for the spring/summer.  But alas, not cheap, U$ 175 a pop...if you happen to want to treat yourself, please do us all a favor and drop a couple of bills on either of these selections...then make me jealous by letting me know.


  1. hey cheef, i happen to wear cargo shorts and flip flops all year down here in Texas...what you saying? hope all is well! was in NYC last week but stopped in for less than 24hrs for work. will be back in a month or so. we'll have to connect then.



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