The Get - Converse Chuck Taylor Duck Boots and Jack Purcell Garment Dyeds

Industry rule # 4080 : Own a pair of Converses. Any style / kind  - you can choose from hundreds of styles and colors.

Why?  Well, first of all, they're really comfortable to wear.  Next, they've been trendy for decades. Lastly, they're really cheap - so you can beat them up and get a new pair next year.

A couple of just released offerings struck my fancy....

The Chuck Taylor Duck Boots - duck boots have been around for years, but these Chuck Taylor versions seem more Lower East Side than upper Westchester.  3 different colors available, high and low tops too...pair with your normal attire...pricing ranges from $ 60 - 70.

Jack versatile a sneaker, so American, screams of the days you spent as a kid at Lake Wobegon, or maybe the streets of Northern Blvd...whatever the case, cop a pair of these new garment dyeds.  Offered in beautiful springtime colors...put them on and instantly magnify your style quotient.  Oh and they only cost 60 bucks.

Until next time...


  1. Those converses are nice. Just bought a pair of Sorel Men's 1964 Premium T CVS Snowboot...needed 10 inch tall "backyard" snowboots for shoveling and walking the dogs. I like them but definitely not for normal wear.

  2. I almost posted something about those Sorels...they are pretty fresh can rock those all winter with jeans tucked in or me, the duck boot/snow boot look is really "in" right now...


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