The Gotta Have - Commes Des Garcons Play - Sweaters

I mentioned in my last post a little about the Japanese design label, Commes Des Garcons.  I have to admit, it is more than a little satisfying to know that if you (who I call the "regular guy") did read my post, you would likely now have "Commes Des Garcons" (come day gah sone) in your vocabulary.

And if you really cared, you will remember the owner/creator is Rei Kawakubo and the Junya Watanabe designs some of the menswear.  I would very impressed if you remembered all of that.

If you didn't remember and refuse to - well you might have to, especially after you buy one of the sweaters featured below.

The sweaters are 100% wool - V necks go for $295, cardigans $ 345 (find them at  So yes, they are definitely Gotta Have items.

But, at least you can defend your purchase by explaining how much you have always loved Japanese style.

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