The Got - Lands End Tailored Fit No Iron Dress Shirts

I don't wear suits that often but when I do, I usually have to sit on a plane for a minimum of 2 hours first thing in the morning (I take a lot of day trips). So everything I own is basically non-wrinkle, which often times does not translate to fashionable. Useful is more the term I would use.  

The problem with most dress shirts is that they are often too blouse-y in the torso. A lot of menswear labels are fixing that problem by offering a "slim fit" line (the most recent example I can think of is Brooks Brothers - notorious for being extremely roomy in the gut - now offer shirts in an extra-slim fit).  

Because I'm not rolling in dough, I can't really afford $400 custom shirts from Brioni, Kiton or Charvet (all make the most beautiful shirts I've ever seen). Even Brooks Brothers (3 for $200) is a little steep for my taste.

Then a few years ago, I found the Lands End tailored fit no-iron dress shirt. And I have to tell you, it's an impressive shirt. Most of the shirts offered by Lands End will cost less than $50. I own a few that were on sale and paid less than $30 per shirt. That's right - you heard it right - less than $30 per shirt. These shirts can survive a Chicago-bound flight for 3 hours, never need to be ironed, and come in your standard patterns and colors - you can even add a monogram for $5.
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Hint: Make sure you know your correct neck size/sleeve length. Often guys will order something too large - you should be able to fit 1 finger in comfortably around the neck when fully buttoned, any wider than that, your shirt will start to look blouse-y. Also don't order too long a sleeve, the end of the cuff should just hit the base of your thumb, any longer and you risk looking like Fievel the mouse in An American Tail. Don't he look angry? I would be too if my sleeves were that long.