The Got - Gap Original Shorts (7")

I just recently came to the realization that maybe not everyone will care about what clothes I own.  Odds dictate that my style will be somewhat different than yours.   However, I hope that my style will help you shake up or innovate your style - even if it's just a minor adjustment, a small step is better than nothing.

So I have to address what I regard as an eyesore - I see tons of you "regular" guys wearing cargo shorts, usually really long and baggy.  You may laud the comfort of the shorts as well as the usefulness of having huge extra pockets.  But I must point out, I have never seen anybody actually use those pockets.  In fact, most guys don't want to be bothered with carrying anything at all.

I think cargo shorts have their time and place (I actually own some hiking versions - shorter and water resistant) but they should not be your first choice for a casual (urban) weekend with friends.  And please don't wear them to any bars or restaurants, unless you plan on stealing some dinner rolls.

The shorts I have featured today are from the Gap.  The same place that sells those clunky cargo shorts also sells these "Original shorts".  The 7" designation is the inseam.  These shorts (I own 2 of them) will upgrade your style and overall look, regardless of what you decide to wear on top (no football jerseys please).

A caveat - these will be the shortest shorts you have worn since you were 8.  But if you have some confidence in the musculature of your legs, put these on and show a little leg.

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