The Get - AE Classic Wingtip

So I have no idea what these shoes look like in person nor how they fit.
But I have a feeling this "GET" item is going to be a "GOT" item for me real soon. Why? Well they only cost $59.50. Let that sink in a minute.....blows your mind don't it?. At that price, I don't care if they turn my socks brown - the price justifies the risk.

You may ask yourself - why should I care about these shoes?

I don't profess to be clairvoyant, but the dark brown wingtip will be the trendy thing to wear on your feet this fall (influenced mostly by J.Crew). J.Crew actually sells 3 types of wingtips (their signature brand for $168/pair, something called the Gifford for  $215/pair, and a collabo with world renowned Alden Shoes for a measly $ 465/pair).

So you can see how I can get excited by something that looks so similar for only $ 60/pair?
Be excited with me, pick up a pair today.

Compare and contrast....
(J.Crew Wingtip - $ 168/pair

(AE Classic Wingtip - $59.50/pair