The Gotta Have - S.W.O.R.D. Leather Rocker Bomber Jacket

I have perused countless websites over the months looking at black leather jackets.
Why? Well I'm kind of obsessed with them. I think a classic looking black leather jacket is so versatile and every stylish man should own one. You can dress it down with jeans and sneaks, you can dress it up with a nice sweater and slacks. In either case, you've already upped the coolness quotient to your look.

I have seen a few that were really nice and stratospherically expensive – Burberry, Balmain, Raf Simons, Gucci - but only a select few of us have the stones to spend $ 3,000 on a leather jacket - you need real courage to willingly shell out 3K on something that's not a 3D flat screen television.

A tip on buying leather jackets - try the one you think will fit you. Does it fit? Good, now try the one that is one size smaller - does it still fit but does it feel like it's snug? Good, you've got the right size. Make sure you're wearing something you think you might wear underneath it, like a bulky sweater or a t-shirt.

So there’s a label named S.W.O.R.D. that makes a couple of styles for just a smidgen under a thousand. Now that's still more than I would spend (the Diesel bomber I picked up 2 years ago was on sale for about $350) - but these are some great-looking jackets.

You can check them out at Tobi.

Take a gander at the one I really like, the Rocker Bomber – leather bombers have been the go-to jacket of choice of a lot of Hollywood types – and the styling of this one is both classic and modern at the same time.

Some cool elements:
1) Band collar – for that moto look (you can tell people you own a motorcycle).
2) Front bellow pockets – for that bomber look.
3) Elasticized cuffs and bottom – will provide a little bit of room to move.

Pick it up at Tobi for $968.

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