The Gotta Have - Barbour Beacon Summer Bicycle Jacket

Would you spend $700 on a jacket? Especially one not made of leather?

Introducing the Barbour Beacon Summer Bicycle jacket available from Opening Ceremony for a measly $700.

Ok, so I am past the days of spending $700 on any one item - so this is my first entry into the Gotta Have section - it's rugged, water resistant due to Barbour's signature waxed cotton, but the styling is so chic - you will definitely get some looks thrown your way - if you got the wallet to support it. More details at Opening Ceremony's website :

Check out the pockets in the lower back of the jacket, perfect for stowing your riding gloves or maybe a Metrocard or two (for the urban gentleman).....
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I updated this post because this jacket is not a collaboration between Barbour and Tokito.
If you go to Opening Ceremony's site, they do have the Barbour x Tokito collab jackets.
This jacket is just straight up Barbour - but it's still a beautiful piece.