The Gotta Have - Bally Messenger Bag

I love bags.

I like that your bag can say a lot about who you are. Some examples:
1) There are men that carry fashion-forward bags. Basically they don't care that the bag can get real heavy (with laptop) or isn't functional enough, because the bag looks great on them - the "Fashion Conscious" guy.
2) There are men that wear book bags/knapsacks because, well, usually it is easier to lug around - the "Easier, the Better" guy.
3) There are those men that will wear the bag they saw at Brookstone for half off (it's got a pocket for your umbrella oh my!) - the "I don't care what I wear" guy.

I fall somewhere between 1 and 2 - I like my bags to have a statement, but I also want it to be easy to lug - so I cycle between a drill nylon briefcase (Jack Spade), a Tumi (functional), and a Mountain Hardwear knapsack (easy) depending on how I feel that week or month.

But back to the subject at hand, the Gotta Have bag for today is Bally's leather messenger bag. You can buy it from Bally for $850 or at Saks for $695 - I'll leave it up to you to figure out which is the better deal.

I've seen a couple of trend-minded dudes in midtown rock this bag, and the only reason I even noticed is the really striking (really cool) red and white ribbon-striped shoulder strap. Boy that strap really pops out in a sea of grays, blues and blacks.

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