The Got - Vans Authentic/Eras

From back in the days of riding my Powell & Peralta skateboard on the streets of lower Manhattan, Vans footwear has been de rigueur among the skating crowd. Some 20+ years later, I have about 3 to 4 pairs in my closet, ready for their debuts (I tend to introduce a pair to the world every summer).

The style of shoe I prefer is the Vans Authentic and/or Era (available at, which comes in a variety of vibrant colors, textiles, patterns - basically they got something for everybody.

I've rocked my Vans Authentics (in red) since last summer - and have gotten tons of compliments ever since.

I feel I can safely say that (to me) there isn't a better-looking canvas sneaker out there, except maybe the ChuckTs or the JPurcells. However, the Eras aren't so mainstream that you look like the "many" in a crowd, rather than the "one".

So, if you got about 40 bucks in your pockets, cop a pair, wear without socks, they go great with basically anything you put on above them.

For your enjoyment, a picture of my crown jewel, Vans x Supreme collab - Eras....(yes that's denim with checkerboard!)


  1. Sorry, made a change, Vans makes both the Authentic and the Era - they look almost the same, the Eras actually have some padding around the foot opening...the Authentics are strictly all canvas...I recommend either/or - they are virtually identical...


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