The Got - RVCA Romero Pant

I've owned some RVCA offerings for a couple of years now so I can give this skate-wear company my stamp of approval. I dig the style/design that RVCA promotes, and using pro-skaters as endorsers lends a street edge to these clothes.

Currently on sale at Urban Outfitters' site are these really cool Romero pants.
I love the way they fit and feel: the fabric is lightweight (great for summer), the leg is slim (15-16"), and the panst definitely offer some stretch.
The combination of which equals comfort (guys take note).

These pants are part of a collaboration between RVCA and Leo Romero, a pro skater.
RVCA uses several skaters to promote their products, I just happen to like the Romero line, which isn't too slim (their Spanky line is super slim).

These pants are sold by Urban Outfitters, only the blue color currently has sizes available from 32-36. The brown pants are offered only in a 34-36.

They are on sale now for U$ 39.99 (click on the title to reach the UO site). Pick up a pair or two, the inseam is a standard 32" for size 34"s (which is what I wear) so if they are a little long, pay the $ 10 to get them hemmed. Or do what I do, cuff them up an inch (my true inseam is 31").
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  1. I love the RVCA Romero they have tons of stretch, my husband has tree trunk thighs so the RVCA Romero pant do wonders for him. The best prices are at
    Shop Adorn and they have free shipping.


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