The Got - Gap Chambray Shirt

Maybe it's a little late in the game for me to be recommending this since the chambray shirt is now a ubiquitous sight throughout mens' fashion enclaves. What does that mean? Well basically, from Manhattan to Milan, you will see dudes sporting shirts like these. Almost every menswear designer will offer one of these in its lineup.

What you may not remember is that chambray used to be cool. Like lots of things in fashion, things come back into style.

I own this shirt from the Gap ($49.50) and I love it (my wife bought it for me - at my urging). I keep mentioning the word "versatility", but it's so true, this is a versatile piece. Why? Well, you can wear it with khakis, you can wear with shorts, you can wear it casually (baseball cap and tennis sneakers), or you can dress it up (dress boots and a tie if you dare).

So pick one up today - almost every retailer offers one - I chose this one from the Gap because it is not too expensive and I really like the white contrast stitching. Also, one chest pocket has a flap, the other does not (I love these cool little details because it gives the shirt some extra flair).
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