The Got - AE V-neck Dorm Shirt & Gap Skinny Jeans

There is nothing as iconic as a white t-shirt worn over some blue jeans.

In fact, it should be the default uniform for all guys.
It is classic, stylish, and really easy to do.
You can add different personal touches to this look (sneakers, loafers, flip flops, jewelry, etc.)
Think James Dean.

I wanted to highlight two items in my closet that I find myself wearing almost every weekend.

American Eagle's Dorm V-neck t-shirt and Gap's Skinny fit jeans.
First of all, American Eagle is like my guilty pleasure, I love to peruse their stuff because their basics are pretty cheap and I think stylishly designed. Even though I have fight through the crowd of pimple-faced teenagers every time I shop there.

The Dorm T is $12.50 for one, and $ 2 for 20. I own 8 of these (4 in white and 4 in grey).
It's pretty thin (nip alert!), but really comfy and nicely slim fitting.
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Next up, the Gap Skinny fit jeans.
Now, not every Gap store will carry these, the jeans are part of the Premium line.
They range in cost from $ 64.50 to $ 88.00.
But there always seems to be some sort of Gap promotion available (coupon), so the pairs that I own I have bought for significantly less.
Also, guys, don't worry, these aren't like cigarette-slim jeans, they have a leg opening of about 16 inches which is slim enough to look trendy, but wide enough to wear a boot.
There are 3 washes I really like: Bleeker (new), Selvage Rigid Rinse, and Indigo.
I have a pair of the Indigo and the Selvage Rigid Rinse.

Sidebar 1
Every man should own a pair of dark blue raw or rinse jeans.
It's about versatility - they can be worn casually or dressed up - but must be owned.

Sidebar 2 - Selvage (or selvedge)
Definition : self-finished fabric.
The fabric used to make the jeans is finished off by a white trim which stops the fabric from fraying. It is usually more expensive and better in quality - you can tell what selvage looks like by taking a look at the jeans inside out, your will notice a white trim at the edges of the fabric.

I really recommend these Gap Skinny fits, they are really comfortable and quite affordable.
I will sometimes prefer to wear these over my APCs or Nudies (jeans that cost considerably more).

The Bleeker
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