The Get - Lands End Canvas Workboots

Most guys won't have noticed but a trend that has been going on for the past few years is workwear. Workwear, to me, is defined by rugged shirts, raw denim, lug sole boots, etc.

Basically, a refined lumberjack.

This look has been embraced by several premium design brands - a few like Gant Rugger, Rogues Gallery, Billy Reid, Rag & Bone, and even J.Crew.

So naturally, I thought of two brands that I grew up with - which has offered this type of clothing for decades (not just a few years). Of course, I am referring to Lands End and LL Bean. Both of these companies now offer premium design lines - but still a lot cheaper that any of designers I listed above. So check out their websites - especially if you don't feel like paying $150 for a plaid shirt.

One item that piqued my interest were these work boots from the Lands End Canvas line. They are your basic lug sole boots - which are so popular these days, but at U$149 a pair, they are must get for the fall/winter (you can buy the same style boot from Redwing for more than $ 250).
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